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Who Will Benefit?
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The Diskette Workshop (FLOPMANA) Table of contents:

Support forum
Questions about the Diskette Workshop
Forum does no longer exist.
Diskette Workshop Standard
The diskette workshop is no longer available for sale.
Industrial SPY
Industrial Spy
Protect yourself against data intruders.
Uses all the tricks of the trade to recover bad diskettes.
Security and Safety and how to distinguish between the two.
Analyse diskettes for copy protection, track 0 to 84, sector 0 to 255 and all 7 sector sizes.
Send and receive messages or data via Secret Document System on diskettes.
Copy Protection
Copy Protection
It is VERY valuable to KNOW how a copy protection scheme works
Disk Image
Disk Image
ALL sectors on the Disk Image are copied to the diskette which is thus a true disk image - also DMF images
Cyber Spy Training
Cyber Spy Training
Cyber Spy Training is a game which breaks complex knowledge into amenable fun.
An ever confusing amount of diskette manufactures have popped up like toadstools on horse manure!

Download TDW Lite Version 2.7 - 652 KByte

Who will benefit from The Diskette Workshop?
Anyone who has valuable data on diskettes. Such data may be 
        Important drivers and set-up files for the PC.
        Important programs used as tools in the daily work.
        Daily back-up of small business data.
The small businesses.
        Small businesses often uses diskettes as back-up storage for their daily work.
        They back-up such files as the customer and account databases.
        1)  By using TDW’s format EDLAB std command to format their back-up diskettes,
             they will save time and be spared from the nuisance of read errors.
        2)  Valuable diskettes may be correctly saved to the hard disk with the Make Disk
             Image command. From here they are easily copied to diskette with the Copy
             Image to Floppy command.
        3)  Poor diskettes may be recovered with the Recover command after
             Make Disk Image has been performed.
No training is needed to achieve the above mentioned. 
Large businesses, Accountants, Journalists, Attorneys and ......
        Many quotations send from larger companies by mail, fax, phone or internet
        are intercepted by third party. Corporate espionage is common and uses
        expensive, sophisticated and functional methods.
        1)  EDLAB Secret 19 diskettes allow over 100KB of hidden and ciphered data.
             The data cannot be read from the diskette by uninitiated persons.
             The diskette is the most secure storage media for data transfer (1 year).
        2)  Use as stated for small businesses.
        3)  To Make Disk Image of a Secret Document is described in the help for
             Internet Secret Data TRX, found under Format/Protect.
Short training (2 hours) may be needed to realise the true value of diskettes and thus
enhance data security and safety. 
Engineers, Technicians, Data Security Consultants and .......
        Apart from the above mentioned values some have the need to investigate
        Copy Protection Schemes, Spy Sectors and Virus Storage areas.
        1)  The Verify, Analyse command combined with the Sector Data Area system,
             allow the technically minded to thoroughly investigate diskettes.
The CyberSPY(c) Training game makes it enjoyable and easy to dive deep into the
recesses of the diskette.
The number of secret areas is tracks * sides * sectors * sizes plus twins, triplets and
phantoms =  256 * 2 * 256 * 7 = 917504 plus twins, triplets and phantoms.
Admitted. One has to know where the secrets hide to find them in due time.