The Diskette Workshop
Security and Safety


Data Security is the guarantee with which ONLY the initiated persons can get access to the data. To obtain this, one has to be in control of which data is where. The data security on a hard disk is very low, as it is virtually impossible to know which data is where. You cannot delete data with DOS. DOS merely marks the data set. You cannot wipe the data as the new data set often is placed in another cluster. The old cluster is only marked as free. Diskettes are the most secure place for data.

Nature uses deception and camouflage to enhance security. EDLAB Secret Document copies nature: Hiding on an assumably normal 1.44MB diskette and being mixed with useless data does the trick.


Data Safety is the guarantee with which the data NEVER disappears. Obelisks are examples of this. Paper properly stored is also good. Hard disks generally survive 2 to 5 years. Diskettes are of LOW data safety and a data retention expectancy of only 2 years.

Data Security and Safety oppose each other. Combine the high diskette data security with a high data safety by using EDLAB formatted diskettes for back-up. The EDLAB Date Stamp automatically warns when the diskette should be backed-up. Diskettes are cheap. Use many copies stored in different places and nobody can steal, burn or confiscate them all. With EDLAB formatting diskettes have a high security/safety product!