The Diskette Workshop

Save Concealed, Secret documents/accounts on diskettes with 1.44MB of standard DOS plus 122KB of concealed, secret, secured and compressed data.

DOS cannot see or delete EDLAB Secret Documents and these do not disturb DOS at all. What is not seen is not wanted!

How to make Secret Documents/Accounts on diskettes:

1) Format EDLAB secret19  : Make 122KB EXTRA SECRET space.
2) Write EDLAB 19 document: Up to 10 files per diskette.
3) Read EDLAB 19 document : Read secret data.
Reduce the disastrous effect of Theft & Fire:
1) format 2 EDLAB secret 19 diskettes.
2) write EDLAB 19 documents to both diskettes every day.
3) keep one diskette at work and the other at home.
4) 'Yes' to delete files after the second diskette is done.
   Next morning at work...
5) read EDLAB 19 documents from one of the diskettes.
Above procedures assures your confidential files remain confidential! This gives peace of mind .
Encryption Legislation:
Many countries have Encryption Legislation. They fear that 'Strong encryption hampers law enforcement'. Computer Shopper, May 1997: The British government is likely to introduce legislation where users of encryption must deposit their private key at Entrusted Bodies.

It is argued that a concentration of encryption keys makes whole regions vulnerable to data crime.