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The Diskette Workshop
Cyber Spy Training

Cyber Spy Training is a game and educational program integrated in The Diskette Workshop.

It is a training scheme, which has the goal of making its students quite capable in detecting hidden data structures on diskettes. The name is derived from the SPY data areas found on some diskettes. Start by formatting a Mystery Disk. With Verify analyse disk find hidden data structures. Test your result with SPY sector found and SPY discovery status.

CyberSPY training needs the following sequence:

  1. Make a Mystery Disk. A number of SPY sectors are randomly formatted.
  2. Use Verify analyse disk command with toggle keys Phase, sKew, Lost sectors ON to find the SPY sectors. Learn from the ON-line manual: Protection & Security.
  3. The results from the analysis is entered in the command SPY sector found. This command checks your entered sector ID, size etc and discards incorrect results.
  4. Run command SPY discovery status to have your current result analysed. If you have reached a high degree of SPY sector discovery, the SPY Detective Diploma is granted.

Our aim is to make the training session interesting and amusing. This is done through a number of funny surprises...... You and your company may benefit considerably from the knowledge gained.