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Mr Tesla
Nicola Tesla discovered that
Rate Of Change
is the key to obtaining 'free' energy.

High voltage and high frequency give a high Rate Of Change. Such supplies are capable of exiting the field surrounding us. This is a key factor in obtaining energy from the surrounding field.

Our surrounding space, earlier thought by some to be empty (vacuum) is filled with energy.
This energy is called Zero Point Energy or Quantum Fluctuation Energy.
It was discovered decades ago by Dr. Kassimers at Philips. It is anticipated that one cubic
metre of such energy is sufficient to boil the Atlantic Ocean.
The goal is to release this energy at a usable rate.

It has been found that the induction energy released by a charged coil with a loose core was larger than expected.
The induction energy released by a charged coil with a loose core should be as much smaller
as the energy needed to move the core. This was not the case. In fact, the energy released
was larger than if the core was fixed.

EDLAB High Voltage/High Frequency (HV/HF) supply:
EDLAB High Voltage/High Frequency (HV/HF) supply is designed to allow the amateur and
scientist alike, to experiment with HV/HF energy at their own pace.
A voltage Rate Of Change of 40KV/µSec = 40E9 [V/Sec] is reached 25000 times a second.

The result is obtained through modern components and engineering.
EDLAB's engineers have worked with HV/HF supplies since 1967.

In 1967 a CDI ignition equipment was designed.
(Download the '1967 CDI' diagramThe '1967 CDI' systemto evaluatethis early design).
To the surprise of the engineer, the released sparks were enormous. A standard ignition spark
could hardly ignite silk paper, let alone thick cardboard, but the CDI supply not only ignited
2 mm thick cardboard in a flash, but made veritable flames shoot out from the spark plug.

The result from this CDI fitted on a 90cc Kawasaki (pictured) was very encouraging. In those
days CDI ignition was, by many, considered worthless and dangerous. Today most vehicles are
fitted with some kind of electronic ignition.

Free energy:
EDLAB HV/HF supply is a simple, fast and cheap way to do your own research in the Free Energy

Gunnar Jespersen, Electronics Design Engineer.
Email: gunnar at carl-fh.com

Conservation, Light, and Matter: The Trinity of Physics. Part 4
John A. Gowan May 1997