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Kirlian pictures are made by a Tesla type HV supply. The actual current is negligible and Tesla
called it 'static', although it was of high frequency.

Connect the one end of the HV transformer, supplied by the HV supply THV40K12, to a metal plate
having a size a little larger than the photo paper in use. On top of the metal plate place a
slightly larger acrylic plate (plastic) having a thickness of 10mm.
The other end of the HV transformer is connected to a 1 metre of wire, placed a couple of metres
away from the insulated metal plate. This creates a 'static' field of 40KV.

Switch off the standard light and on your red light, assuming you are using normal photo paper.
Place a standard photo paper (normally positive) on the insulated metal plate.

Switch on the HV supply and the 'static' field is active.

Place your fingers on the photo paper, touching nothing else. Now your fingers are on the photo
paper and in the 'static' field.
Without your fingers on the paper, nothing can be seen.
With your fingers on the photo paper, energies emanating from your fingers releases collected
static charge, which can be seen as faint streamers. These streamers activate the photo paper.

Kirlian when relaxed

Above picture show such streamers photographed from a person who sincerely tries to relax (think
of nothing at all).
A relaxed Kirlian 'fingerprint' shows fine streamers creating an even brush like appearance.

Kirlian when concentrated

Above picture shows the streamers photographed from the same person (a minute later) who sincerely
tries to concentrate the mind energies on his loved ones.
A concentrated Kirlian fingerprint shows considerably less streamers. In areas they may even

A person who can obtain the above results is capable of controlling his energies or at least
his finger energy to some extent. In the above experiment one could envisage that the energy
carrying the streamers either were cut drastic down or actually directed to his loved ones.

Who has the capacity of switching on/off the finger energy with the mind?

Our experiment shows that healthy persons can all do this. Out of 14 persons all had the
capacity but with varying success.

More experiments by more experimenters are needed to enhance our understanding of the subject:
Controlling energy with the mind.

Remember that it is always easier to control what you can see than what you cannot see.
It is possible that most persons can enhance their mind energy control.
The pictures show that the author is quite capable of such control.

By using immediate feed-back through a video camera, incredible results can be obtained.

Gunnar Jespersen, Electronics design Engineer.
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